30 Jun, 2019

Long time ATDDEA member Darcy Flanagan (she has been a member for the past 10yrs since she was 4yrs old) has travelled to SEQ to attend the 2019 State Youth Dressage Championships at QSEC (Caboolture) this weekend.  This is the 2nd year Darcy has taken her ponies Benjaylin Flirtatious (Molly) and Mithril Surad (Radar) to the Youth Champs.  Darcy and her ponies will also be travelling to Maryborough for the State Interschool Equestrian Championships 3-6 July and the Townsville Dressage Club Winter Championships on 13/14 July.

 It takes a lot of organization for a trip of this magnitude.  Darcy and her Mum Karen (and trusty pup Gordon) left Cairns on Monday and spent 3 days travelling to QSEC.  Ensuring the ponies travel safely and arrive fit, sound and in a good frame of mind is very important.  The ponies safety and comfort comes before the human needs.

 Darcy and Radar are competing Official Pony Prelim and Novice as well as the Open Novice Freestyle.  Darcy and Molly are competing Official Pony Elementary and FEI Pony (which includes two FEI Pony tests and a FEI Pony Freestyle).

 Despite the wet weather in SEQ and the revised draws (due to outdoor sand arenas been a bit “swampy”)  Darcy and the ponies are all set to go tomorrow with the first test at 8.54am for Darcy and Radar.  Darcy will be riding 5 tests each day.

 Darcy and her ponies would not be at QSEC without the support of ATDDEA in allowing her to ride the FEI Pony tests and be judged and get valuable feedback from the judges at the June ATDDEA competition last weekend as well as the support and encouragement of the ATDDEA committee and fellow members, her coach Erin Flanagan and visiting coach Natalie Ciaparra, sponsors Guardian Horse Products, Rosehip Vital, Horse ShednBed and Crystal Cascades Horse Park.

 Darcy also receives significant encouragement and support from Geoffrey McLean (Gone Riding Media and Consulting).  Geoff is also the Official Photographer for the 2019 Arnage QLD Youth Dressage Championships and it was fantastic to see a familiar face this morning.



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