30 Jun, 2019

In memory of Jacquie Swinson

Jacquie Swinson loved her horses. She rescued some from drought, bred several of her own and was not adverse to adding to her collection if another stole her heart - quite a few did. Well over 20 actually! Luckily, she and her husband had a large property to put them all on.

Sadly, Jacquie was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease which began to attack her muscles and skin. Inspiring as she was - always positive, never giving up or complaining, finding humour in every situation - it wasn't long before the disease took hold. Even getting on her horses became a chore. Good friends designed a crane to help put the saddle on. She trained her horses by voice command to stand by the mounting block. Then all she had to do was get to the top of the mounting block herself. This she did using her arms to lift her legs, one at a time, slowly up each step.

Despite Jacquie's determination and zest, she grew weaker every day. That said, nothing could stop her from riding. Her horses were her life, gave her reason to get up and kept her going. She never stopped learning and sought out the best people to teach her and the best horses to ride where ever she went in the world.

After Jaq left us, just over a year ago, her friends and I looked after her remaining horses, found good homes for them and, given her love of dressage, donated the money raised to the club - over $8000.

Since then we have held training weekends in her honour, bought new letters and trophies and are planning to buy a marquee for scoring and such. It will have her name on it so she can protect us from the sun etc. 

ATDDEA was very lucky to have Jacquie and her beloved Cheese with us. Even in her absence, she continues to bring life and love to the club. She will forever be a treasured member and friend.

Cheers to you Jaq!


 Neitah Norman

Yvonne Swinson




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